Do You Have the Humility to be Situational?

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Situational Leadership® is the most prevalent leadership system used in the world today – and has been for over 50 years.  In our experience within any industry, most leaders tend to take on a predominant style, and they apply it to any situation.  Their style may be influenced by their personality style, or shaped by what they have been exposed to in the workplace, or some combination thereof.  Big mistake.  Leadership is not a one size fits all.  

The Situational Leadership® model, which is behaviorally based, proven and intuitively simple, helps leaders know when and how to adapt their approach, to get the best results from each and every employee.  But it takes humility to do this, and it is a trait that can be learned.

Take the challenge to go from “good to great” with your own leadership.  The answer to success lies in your people.  Great leaders are the ones that will show you the way out of the doldrums and into prosperous growth.  Actually, this is always true, but more so in the current economic climate.

How to move forward beyond stagnancy needs to be in every conversation your organization is having right now.  Again, this takes humility to sit down and have those conversations, rather than “forcing” people to respond to all the difficulties you are facing.  You can achieve substantial results through your people, right now, if you can adapt to the situation.  This makes more sense than what your competition is doing by hunkering down, getting rid of people, all in the name of being fiscally prudent.  Those companies that can adapt, and it all starts with the leadership, will emerge extremely successful.

“High expectations and belief in people leads to high performance….so very often belief creates fact.”

Dr. Paul Hersey – founder of the Situational Leadership® model.


Remember:  Your company will be known by the people you keep.