Who We’ve Worked With


“Murray facilitates the first module of our leadership development program – Self and Situational
Leadership – where he also incorporates the use of DISC. He has been running this three day
program for us for over three years now, and has worked with over 350 of our leaders.
Murray is an artful facilitator who has related extremely well to our leaders, engaging them using
adult learning principles. His experience outside these two frameworks comes in quite handy in
prepping leaders’ minds to be receptive to changing paradigms. His subtle responses to
leaders’ questions/pushbacks are very conducive to learning, and leaves leaders with insights to
act upon.”
Sana Elache, Senior Leadership Development Advisor, Syncrude Canada
“Murray and his team of facilitators from ACT One have been working with us since 2005 in the
areas of leadership, sales, customer service and teamwork. Our company wholeheartedly
believes in training and development of our people, and ACT One has been instrumental in our
success. In the area of leadership, they have helped over 100 participants at various levels.”
David Place, Vice President, Western Canada, EMCO Waterworks
“I have known Murray since 2010, when he and ACT One began facilitating leadership and
communication skills programs for Ferus. For leadership, they have trained 95 people at all
levels of management, from the field to senior executive. Murray also earned the trust of many
of our leaders through ongoing coaching for approximately 20 of our leaders, both in the field
and head office.”
David Foster, Vice President, Canadian Operations, Ferus Inc.
“I would sincerely like to thank Murray Janewski and his team at ACT One International for their hard work and incredible contributions to our organization. We have seen a DRAMATIC improvement in employee relations, client outcomes and overall job satisfaction. Staff that were a tad miserable before are coming to work smiling and enjoying their jobs! Additionally, they are achieving more outcomes than this organization has ever seen.
The DI has recently committed to an organizational transformation to better serve our clients in attaining housing, rather than living in emergency shelter. This organization and our staff are being pushed to change almost all our practices – this is a massive journey that is rocking everything we do. The Case Management and Diversion Teams are quite literally the most important staff to drive this change as they are responsible for helping the clients find their housing solutions. ACT One’ investment in these teams has been a key factor in helping move our organizational transformation – thank you!”
Natalie Noble, Director, Programs & Housing, Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society
“I had the pleasure of working with Murray Janewski and ACT One International on a management program that we designed for our management team. We had a mix of people who had been managers for a while and had the benefit of previous training as well as those who had moved into management roles, but didn’t have any training. Murray and his team put together a terrific program and coined our title – Management Excellence Program. He was communicative during the entire process, keeping me informed of what to expect. He was willing to make changes from one session to the next when we learned that something would work better for our managers. He was a consummate professional the entire time and handled everything I threw at him with class and wit. I don’t like to say that we are high maintenance, but we certainly know what it is that we want and we typically want it right away. Murray delivered!
I would highly recommend Murray and ACT One if you are looking for someone who is an excellent facilitator, and takes into account what it is that you as a business want to achieve through the training. He is full of knowledge and provides outstanding examples throughout the training. We are in the oil and gas sector so relevant examples were critical to establishing credibility for our managers. Again, Murray delivered!”
Heidi Swartz, HR Manager, Global Talent Management, Packers Plus Energy Services Inc.