Growing with Intention

The 7 Stages of Growth were developed by James Fischer. The Stages of Growth are based on a 6 year study of over 650 companies to understand and decipher the patterns, the behavior and the characteristics of growth in entrepreneurial enterprises.

What if you could discover and remove the hidden barriers to your company’s health and financial performance?

Many business leaders simply don’t have the time or expertise to look deeper into the causes beneath the tidal wave of issues confronting them everyday. Constantly putting out fires distracts them from identifying the hidden forces that cause many of their company’s problems.

By understanding what Stage of GrowthTM your company is in, you can PREDICT when the level of unaddressed complexity will become problematic. If you ignore it, you will start to see revenues and margins erode, productivity fall and customer service issues crop up all around you.
By understanding the complexity level of your company, you can FOCUS on:

  1. The right people issues
  2. The right revenue and profit initiatives
  3. The right business processes that are critical to your company’s health today, and in the next Stage of GrowthTM.

The Stages of Growth X RayTM Workshop

This one-day program is designed for business leaders, with fewer than 500 employees, to look beneath the surface of your company’s challenges and walk away with 6 – 10 initiatives that will kick-start your profit engine, ignite your employees’ productivity and improve your company’s overall performance.

It all starts with a series of on-line assessments that are completed by each member of the senior leadership team. A Growth Curve Specialist then analyzes the data to prepare and facilitate a workshop for the team.

In this unique experience, you and your team will:

  • Accurately predict 6-18 months into your company’s future
  • Discover what your top five challenges are for where you are today
  • Adapt your abilities and skills to the unique needs of your company as it meets the challenges of your next Stage of GrowthTM
  • Determine what the 5 non-negotiable rules of the road are as your company moves from one Stage of GrowthTM to another
  • Uncover the confidence/caution ratio that exists in your company and how it may be affecting your ability to grow

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