Your Company’s Profit Zone is a relentless, precise, and intense staff mindset to make and keep money for the enterprise.

A company’s Profit Zone is responsible for maintaining and improving:

  1. Revenue generation
  2. Strategic and tactical focus of the company
  3. Gross and net profit margins
  4. Cash flow
  5. Cost structure
  6. Customer satisfaction
  7. Staff voltage
  8. Product/service quality
  9. Company innovation

In our program, Zeroing in on Your Profit ZoneTM, every person in your company will: Gain a new perspective on how profitability is dependent on everyone in the enterprise being in the company’s Profit Zone.

Creating the Strike Zone for Your Business

How strong or weak a company’s Profit Zone is determines the health of the enterprise. When a company is sloppy or ineffective with any of these Profit Zone Activities, it makes and keeps less profit.

The Profit Zone is the Strike Zone – the profit sweet spot for your company – and most leaders spend very little time engaging their people in this quest for profit.

Pick a Reason that Works for You:

1. They don’t think their employees really care about how the company makes money
2. They don’t think their employees would understand the concepts that go into creating a profitable
3. They really don’t want their employees to know how much money the company makes because they’ll just
want more of it
4. They don’t have the patience or the time to educate every person on how he or she can help the company
make money

Zeroing in on Your Company’s Profit ZoneTM is a one-day, interactive workshop that will fundamentally change how every single person in your company views how the company makes and keeps money. They will also understand how their job impacts the company’s bottom line!

Your employees will:

  • Be more effective and more productive
  • Take an active role in helping the company make money
  • Know what their Profit Zone is and what activities they can engage in that will boost the company’s bottom line

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