Sales Mastery

Essential Selling Skills is a dynamic, engaging workshop that leverages time-tested principles of selling. ESS is a practical, customer-focused, needs-based approach to selling.

Succeeding With Our Customers

Succeeding With Our Customers (SWOC) is an experiential, interactive, and fast-paced one-day workshop to make all employees “customer service stars.” With an emphasis on customer-focus and adding value, SWOC is a must for today’s service professionals.

Time Mastery

Time – it is so elusive! Reducing wasted time by just five minutes per hour will increase productivity by 8.3%. Our Time Mastery Profile will help you understand which time related behaviors you need to focus on to gain back at least 40 minutes per day (the average is 72 minutes).

Presentation Mastery

How you present yourself makes all the difference in the world, in your ability to influence others.  Presentation Mastery will make you a better presenter – immediately – and for life!

Negotiation Mastery

Both parties involved in a deal can come away with more than they expected going in. But this requires mastery of the skills involved, to ensure open dialogue and a willingness to not leave opportunities on the table.

Managing Key Accounts

Managing Key Accounts is critical when the expectation is a significant and continuous relationship for the quantity of business.  A key account cannot last if the approach to the relationship is ad hoc.  It requires a team approach, and often the CEO or President is involved in the business relationship.  Managing Key Accounts will put your sales process on a strong path to success.

Managing Your Time & Territory

There is never a lack of things to do in the world of sales. So establishing a plan that gets at the highest value priorities is the key to success. You will walk away from this workshop with just that plan.

Difficult Conversations

Research shows that most people avoid difficult conversations, even though they won’t admit it.  The problem is, when these conversations are avoided, the issues don’t go away – ever. Having a plan is the key to helping you get through it. Every time, the feedback we get is “It really wasn’t that difficult – having a plan helped a lot.” We can help you build that plan and create alignment with the person(s) you need to talk to.

Personal Listening Skills

The behavior in need of the greatest improvement in all of society is that of LISTENING. Master this skill and see improvements at both work and home.​

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