Effective time management is crucial to the success of any company. Without proper time management, it’s easy to become backlogged with tasks and disrupt your relationship with loyal clients and customers. Good time management, on the other hand, not only improves relationship with customers and clients, it also allows you to be more productive without experiencing the stress of overdue deadlines. Here are some of the most common time management mistakes and how you can prevent them.

Not Prioritizing Tasks

Having a to-do list is a good way to keep track of all the things you need to get done, but without prioritization, your most urgent tasks may end up falling by the wayside. Simply jumping from task to task without a premeditated plan can lead to disorganization and wasted time. Rather than completing the easiest, or least time-intensive tasks first to get them out of the way, complete tasks in the order of their value combined with urgency. This will ensure that you get what you need to get done in a timely manner without having to rush on larger, more time-intensive projects.

Underestimating the Time You Need

One of the biggest time management mistakes is underestimating the amount of time you’ll need to complete a task. It’s always better to schedule more time than you think you’ll need to complete a task so that you don’t have to rush or risk falling behind. Best practice for high priority tasks is to estimate the time required, and then add 25%. Once you complete a certain task, take note of how long it took you from start to finish so you can have a more accurate idea of how much time you’ll need to complete similar assignments in the future.

Efficient time management can ease the stress of the workplace and increase your productivity and profit. If you need assistance refining your time management skills, the “Time Mastery” workshop from ACT One International can give you the tools you need to more efficiently organize and use your time. With interactive exercises and engaging activities, this workshop will help you to develop personalized strategies for time management success. For more information on the “Time Mastery” workshop and the other workplace training programs available from ACT One International, contact us today.