The Highest Paid Professions

What are the two highest paid professions in the world? Actors and athletes. What two things do they have in common? They all practice way more than they actually perform, and they all have a coach.

Want to know a close third profession? SALES.

Want to be in the top 5% of salespeople (vs. the other 95% who give the profession a bad rap)? Easy.  Go beyond that sales training course you took several years ago (and have fortgotten what you learned  anyway). The only way the training works is if you practice what you learn, every day. The high paid  athlete doesn’t say “Ya, I went to hockey school when I was seven years old. Now I can compete any  time, at any level. And skip any practices.” Sounds simplistic, doesn’t it? But that is THE key to being in  the top 5%:

1. Take some training. Lots of training.

2. Practice role playing at least once per week (maybe even daily). If you think this is hokey, you will find yourself in the other 95%.

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