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Improve Your Presentation Skills with Our Presentation Mastery Workshop

Clear verbal communication and strong presentation skills are essential in every field, and crucial to your success. Being able to communicate effectively and give captivating presentations will help you to make a positive and lasting impression on your colleagues, superiors, … Continue reading

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Improve Your Time Management Skills with Our Time Mastery Workshop

Time management is crucial to maintaining a productive workplace. How employees allocate their time has a serious impact on how much they can get done in a day, and if they are working on the right things. If you’re struggling … Continue reading

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Learn to Handle Conflict with Our “Difficult Conversations” Workshop

   The anxiety and emotional stress produced by conflict can cause poor work performance and lower workplace morale. Navigating conflict is never an easy task, and often involves what are called “difficult conversations.” The Difficult Conversations Workshop is designed to … Continue reading

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The Seven Stages of Business Growth: Improve Your Company’s Performance

Growth Curve Specialists know that every business in its lifetime must successfully pass through seven different periods or stages in order to maintain their growth into the future. Each stage of growth for any business is determined by how complex … Continue reading

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Situational Leadership: Bringing Out the Best in Your Potential Leaders

  Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders is a dynamic, engaging workshop that provides the fundamentals of a time-tested, behavioural model of how to best influence people’s performance. This workshop finds the best leadership qualities in your team and provides methods to … Continue reading

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The Canada-Alberta Job Grant: Increasing Education, Skill and Productivity

The only constant in business is change. Each new year brings new technologies, strategies, and demands; strategies that were lucrative one day may be outdated the next. That’s why our government created the Canada Job Grant program, an initiative which … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Help Your Employees Learn to Lead

  To many people out there, the idea of leading a group or team may seem daunting. Taking a leadership role at work can appear to some people as an impossible task which they will never be suited for. However, … Continue reading

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Situational LeadershipⓇ – Canada

Leadership – What is it? Watch a summary of the blog here. Firstly, leadership is not important.  Secondly, what is important is how people feel when they are being led.  Think of a time when you were truly inspired by … Continue reading

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Sales Training – Canada

Do You Value How You “Think” Will you achieve what you want in 2016? NOW is the perfect time to reflect, and allow yourself to THINK.  Once you begin to think, you can expand your thought process into how to … Continue reading

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Sales Training Calgary

The Fallacy of Sales Training Watch a summary of this blog here. Can you imagine an increase in gross profit of 46.7% in 2016?  It is completely possible, with the right skills.  We provide our clients with Essential Selling Skills, … Continue reading

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