Difficult Conversations

Most people avoid difficult conversations—even though they won’t admit it. Avoiding the issue won’t make it go away. Having a model to follow and a plan beforehand is the key to having the hard conversation with less stress and more success.  At ACT One, we will help you build that plan and create alignment with the person(s) you need to speak with.

Difficult Conversations is classroom training that is practical and interactive.  This workshop is designed to help participants learn the skills to productively move through conflict and spend their time and energy on doing the activities that really matter.  These conversations are not about being right, or making someone sorry or feel inadequate.  They are about creating alignment to improve individual and group results. In addition to a reading assignment, you are asked to come to the workshop prepared with some real life difficult situations that you are currently experiencing, that are stopping you from performing at your best, and that you would like to resolve. The workshop will cover the following:

  • Defining “Difficult Conversations”
  • Preparing yourself (mind, mood and motives)
  • Planning for the actual difficult conversation
  • Having the difficult conversation
  • How to handle breakdowns in the conversation
  • Promotes positive changes individually and corporately
  • Creates a safe and open corporate culture
  • Expands the realm of company ideas and possible solutions
  • Helps resolve conflict
  • Helps you develop a plan for an upcoming difficult conversation that you can apply right away
  • Virtual coaching: One-on-one coaching to help with your goals which might include: preparing for a difficult conversation using the difficult conversation planning tool, discussing the common road-blocks to positive outcomes and how to avoid them, how to bring emotions under control and listen attentively to others, or how to achieve the balance between utilizing the skills and managing yourself during the conversation.
DURATION: 1 DAY. Can also be combined with Everything DiSC Productive Conflict, which is then 1 to 1.5 days.
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