Salespeople are an integral part of any company. They are at the frontline of any business, representing the company in daily interactions with customers. Every salesperson approaches sales different according to his or her strengths and weaknesses, and every customer requires a different sales approach according their unique personality.

Everything DiSC® Sales combines a comprehensive assessment tool with engaging multimedia video and modules to create a training program that will help salespeople better understand themselves and their customers.

Self-Recognition: Understanding Your Sales Style

It’s crucial for salespeople to know their strengths and weaknesses when interacting customers. Once these traits are identified, salespeople can come up with tactics to balance their different qualities for the most optimal sales performance. Everything DiSC® Sales can also help with teambuilding by encouraging employees to strategize together about how to best support and compliment the various sales styles that exist within their team.

Know Your Customers

In addition to employee assessments, Everything DiSC® Sales provides in-depth customer profiles. The DiSC model divides customers into four basic profiles, each of which corresponds to a particular Buying Style. The training program then teaches salespeople how to identify each Buying Style by breaking down the unique factors that motivate each of the four customer profiles.

Everything DiSC® Sales helps salespeople to adapt their particular Sales Style with each of the four Buying Styles. The training program allows salespeople to develop an action plan that suits their needs based on their distinct sales approach and the kind of customers they encounter.

Developing sales tactics that work for you can be a difficult process. It’s important for salespeople to be flexible and self-aware in order to adapt to many different kinds of customers. With in-depth assessments, appealing video lessons, engaging practice modules, and helpful follow-up tools, Everything DiSC® Sales will improve the effectiveness of any sales team.

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By Rochelle Rae