Every manager or supervisor has a different management style.  Your management style will be impacted by factors such as your personality, educational background and prior work experience. There is no singular method for effective management—every manager will discover the managerial style that works for them and their staff.

Everything DiSC® Management is a workshop designed to help you identify your personal managerial style and make it as effective as possible. Everything DiSC® Management uses in-depth personal assessments, engaging multi-media and video modules, and follow-up tools and supplemental exercises to give you the skills to be a strong and confident manager.

Understanding Your Management Style

It’s important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a manager. This awareness will allow you to use your strengths to your advantage and develop the skills necessary to mitigate your managerial weaknesses. That’s why Everything DiSC® Management begins with a detailed, 26-page online assessment to help you identify your personal managerial style. With a better understanding of your individual managerial style, you’ll be better equipped to handle your employees, bosses and the day-to-day tasks of being a manager.

Customized Action Plan

Once you have completed your personal assessment, Everything DiSC® Management will lead you through a series of exercise designed to develop your managerial skills based on your distinct managerial style. These exercises cover topics such as improving employee motivation, directing and delegating tasks, conflict mediation, and dealing with bosses. These training programs can be customized to suit your specific needs and workplace environment. The Everything DiSC® Management workshop includes six one-hour interactive modules to give you an immersive and engaged training experience.

Follow-Up Tools

In order to be effective, managers must be flexible and adapt to their employees’ needs and behaviors. Everything DiSC® Management offers comprehensive follow-up training courses and exercises to keep your management skills sharp long after you’ve completed the workshop.

A confident and reliable manager is a key player in any successful work environment. Contact us at ACT One International for more information about how our Everything DiSC® Management program can work for you.

Written by Rochelle Rae