Clear verbal communication and strong presentation skills are essential in every field, and crucial to your success. Being able to communicate effectively and give captivating presentations will help you to make a positive and lasting impression on your colleagues, superiors, and clients.

Planning and giving a presentation to a room full of people can sometimes be intimidating and stressful, which is why ACT One International has created the innovative Presentation Mastery workshop. Using engaging and interactive tools, this workshop is designed to give you the confidence to plan and execute clear and effective presentations.

How Does This Workshop Function?

The Presentation Mastery Workshop spans three days. On the first day, students are asked to come prepared with a five-minute presentation. Each day, student must present in front of the other workshop participants. These presentations are recorded and then carefully critiqued throughout the workshop so that each student can build upon his or her strengths and weaknesses.

By the end of the course, participants will have the skills and the confidence to give clear and engaging presentations. The course includes the option of working an upcoming presentation, allowing participants the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned as soon as they return to the workplace.

What Are the Goals of the Presentation Mastery Workshop?

This workshop is designed to improve the following presentation skills:

  • How to project a confident and relaxed image during a presentation.
  • How to listen and interact with audience questions and feedback.
  • How to effectively use visual aids.
  • How to use tone, enunciation, eye contact, posture and dress to communicate your message clearly.

The Presentation Mastery Workshop is structured to identify and tackle your particular needs, so it can be adapted to focus on the specific presentation skills that are relevant to you.

A great presentation can improve your reputation within your company, leading to positive advancements in your career. With the Presentation Mastery workshop from ACT One International, you’ll gain all of the skills you need to deliver an effective and memorable presentation, for life.

Written by Rochelle Rae