When it comes to increasing work productivity, a crucial aspect that must be looked at is each employee’s personal effectiveness. Regardless of an employee’s title or role, there is always room to improve the quality of communication in a workplace as a whole, and it first starts on an individual level.

Each person is a piece that makes up the greater whole of the team or department. If one or two people in your team aren’t effectively using their time or are poor communicators, this will affect the social fabric within your workplace and ultimately hamper productivity.

Encouraging personal effectiveness in your workplace will let your team naturally function at an optimal level. ACT One offers dynamic training programs such as Everything DiSC Workplace that will help to set objectives, track progress and allow you to see changes unravel right before you!

Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication is one of the most important aspects of personal effectiveness. Self-awareness to one’s communication style allows each employee to see how they contribute to their team dynamic and the workplace environment. It also lets employees understand how their communication style functions with another person’s style.

With targeted exercises and training, each employee will gain the specific tools they need to overcome these challenges, to remedy existing communication problems and strengthen communication as a whole.

Personal Listening Skills

Listening is a fundamental aspect of workplace communication that starts at the individual level. Employees gain far more insight on their work when they listen effectively.

Five approaches to listening include:

  • Appreciative approach
  • Empathic approach
  • Discerning approach
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Evaluative approach

Employees learn which style they gravitate to naturally, and then which style is most effective for the task at hand. This then allows them to adapt to the most effective style by working on the appropriate strategies.

Are you looking to boost the personal effectiveness of your employees? Get in touch with us to learn more about what we do and to set up Everything DiSC workplace training sessions, today!

Written by Rochelle Rae