Are You Really an “Inclusive” Leader?

The ability to lead with an “Inclusive” mindset may very well be the single dimension that separates a great leader from a good one.  There are eight distinct approaches to leading others, and typically, a high achieving Commanding leader who is also Resolute and Pioneering, will overlook the Inclusive mindset.  Being Inclusive is all about supporting your team, with a heightened awareness of their needs.  With the ability to truly listen, Inclusive leaders tap into the unique talents and ideas that the team brings to the table.  When people feel included, they work better as a team, and go above and beyond to get work done.

Can the Inclusive mindset be developed without losing the high achieving qualities?  Absolutely.  But it takes hard work.  How do you do this?  Start by focusing on the following (from “The 8 Dimensions of Leadership, J. Sugerman):

  1. Show people that you are open to their ideas. There has never been a leader who succeeded without the support of others.
  2. Monitor your emotional output carefully. Your words and emotions as a leader carry a lot of weight.
  3. Work to facilitate two-way dialogue on important issues. Listening is easy to talk about but hard to do.

If you really want to pinpoint how people see you on the Inclusive dimension (as well as the other seven dimensions), you owe it to yourself and your people to dig into the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders.

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