Leadership Mastery

Getting the most out of your employees is a key capability of great leaders. They must be current

in the leading thinking related to proven tools, processes and resources to help them get the job

done. Leading also takes courage, as dealing with people issues is a challenge. Developing your

leaders will translate into higher employee engagement and profitability.


Topics will focus on the following:

  • Leadership & Team Effectiveness
    • Introduction & Overview; Q & A with a senior leader
    • Attitude
    • The Ideal Team Leader
    • Change Mastery
    • Understanding that leadership is situational and how to monitor performance
  • Vision, Alignment & Execution
    • Planning and Goal Setting
    • Understanding compensation and motivation
  • Leading Self
    • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict
      • What is conflict?
      • Destructive responses
      • Reframing for productive responses
  • Coaching & Difficult Conversations
    • Giving positive and negative feedback
    • Difficult Conversations
    • Coaching others
  • A positive workplace with loyal employees who think “this is a great place to work”
  • Reduced costs and increased profits because employees will collaborate for the best processes and outcomes
  • Less stress among all employees, and reduced employee turnover
  • Virtual coaching (one-on-one or in small groups) can be provided to help with a variety of management and leadership challenges
  • Interactive learning game at the end of the workshop
  • Workshop evaluation
  • Graded assignment based on application of the new skills within two weeks of the end of the program
All costs shown here are exclusive of applicable taxes and are in Canadian dollars.


Pricing for our 3-day* (21 hour) training programs for up to 9 participants (Minimum of 6 participants required)

$2,415.00 per person + applicable taxes. ($1,800.00 instructional fees + $615.00 learning materials** per person).

For example:

Number of Participants Cost per person (includes instructional fees & learning materials*) Total Investment + applicable taxes
6 $2,415.00 $14,490.00
7 $2,415.00 $16,905.00
8 $2,415.00 $19,320.00
9 $2,415.00 $21,735.00


Pricing for our 3-day* (21 hour) training programs for 10 or more participants

($16,500.00 = 3-day* (21 hour) instructor fees) + ($615.00 learning materials** per person) = total investment + applicable taxes.


3-day* (21 hour) Instructor Fees $16,500.00
Learning materials** per person $615.00


For example:

A 3-day* (21 hour) training programs for 20 participants is ($16,500.00 3-day* (21 hour) instructional fees) + ($615.00** learning materials x 20 participants) = $28,800.00 + applicable taxes.

*Note: Training programs can be scheduled around timeframes that work for you and your people.  Please contact us to discuss your scheduling needs TODAY! (403) 542-7056

**Note: Learning materials include assessment(s), classroom learning materials, and reading materials.

DURATION: 3 days (21 hours)
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