Managing Your Time & Territory

In order to grow your business, one of the key challenges is effective management of your client portfolio, and prioritizing your time.  High value activities that are not urgent often get put to the back burner, and life becomes very reactive – not a formula for creating loyal customers or finding new ones.

Managing Your Time & Territory has been designed to broaden your understanding of what it takes to plan and implement the sales and service requirements of your customers.  The intent is not to satisfy your customers; rather it is to create loyal customers.  The activities required to do this need to be well thought out and put into a manageable plan.

This interactive workshop introduces the foundation principles from which territory management concepts are built.  Participants will work on the following topics:

  • The role of the Territory Manager
  • Time Mastery and setting goals
  • Developing a sales plan to meet your goals
  • Developing Account Profiles
  • Incorporating new business (from existing customers and prospects)
  • Implementing action plans

Participants will be required to complete our on-line assessment entitled “Time Mastery Profile”.  They will also need to bring account information with them to the workshop, including sales figures.

  • Focuses appropriate amount of effort on existing accounts and prospects, based on importance to the overall sales plan
  • Increases sales and profits
  • Improves time management skills
  • Virtual coaching (one-on-one or in small groups) to help with certain areas of the creating account profiles, how to penetrate various accounts and how to make the best use of time.
DURATION: 1.5 days
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