Negotiation Mastery

Negotiation Mastery is designed to help you ensure long-term win: win outcomes, once the need to complete a deal been established. The intent is to engage in appropriate discussion so that no opportunities are left on the table.

Negotiation Mastery provides a negotiating model, processes and tools, to be able to properly prepare for a negotiation of any size or level of complexity.

The program focuses on the following critical negotiating skills:

  • Planning a collaborative negotiation
  • Analyzing negotiating styles
  • Valuing tradeable issues
  • Creatively offering options
  • Defining parameters and sequencing offers
  • Handling customer negotiating tactics
  • Take both strategic and tactical views of the negotiation and manage both structure and process.
  • Influence the final outcome in terms of win vs. lose, and manage both logical and emotional issues.
  • Gather and analyze the variables available to both parties and categorize into relative priorities.
  • Prepare appropriate settlement objectives based on the situation.
  • Effectively trade variables based on objectives, costs, and values, and use bargaining techniques to achieve optimistic settlement outcomes.
  • Confidently deal with price issues.
  • Establish credibility quickly and build trust for long term relationships.
  • Implement an effective negotiation structure
  • Preparation
  • Discussion and Expansion
  • Bargaining
  • Closing
  • Handle real life situations (case Studies will be customized to generate timely discussion)
  • Examine the “Contribution Factor” to provide motivation to negotiate, by understanding the effect of any discount on overall net profit and volumes
  • Role Play to understand your own baseline behaviors and begin to plan what needs to change
  • Understand “The Rules of Negotiation” (both the Buyer’s rules, and the Seller’s rules)
  • Deal with Power issues
  • Virtual coaching (one-on-one or in small groups) to help with certain skills and/or actual negotiations in progress.
DURATION: 2 - 3 days depending on client needs. Please note that this program can be customized specifically for sales personnel.
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