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Individual and organizational success hinges on communication through high impact presentations. Presentation Mastery is designed to help you plan, organize and convey your message in a way that inspires your audience to learn, change, or take action, EVERY TIME!

Presentation Mastery is a highly interactive and participative workshop that is an intensive, hands-on, and enjoyable learning experience.  Participants apply the skills learned in class to present on a business or personal topic of their choice.  During the session, participants will have opportunities to deliver their presentation and receive feedback from both peers and the facilitator.  Participants will have their presentation recorded, so they can evaluate their skills privately and see their marked improvement over the duration of the program and beyond.  Participants will be asked to come to the workshop prepared to give a five minute presentation on a topic of their choice.  The program will cover the following:

  • How to project an image of self confidence and capitalize on the “first impression”
  • How to prepare a presentation focused on audience objectives
  • How to use the three principles of an impactful presentation: opening with a bang, delivering a compelling message and closing with a call to action
  • How to structure a presentation and visuals with focus, clarity, and impact
  • How to effectively visualize, build, structure, and deliver a presentation with engagement, and passion
  • How to listen and respond effectively in an interactive presentation
  • How to handle difficult situations, mitigate problems, and avoid “hot air” factors
  • How to manage presentation logistics – room layout, and the use of audio/visual aids
  • Write and deliver a great introduction, to capitalize on that important first impression
  • Command the room with poise and aura
  • Create audience demand without demanding it
  • Effectively use humor
  • Provide a message of clarity, by combining tone, body language, enunciation, posture, gestures and dress
  • Virtual coaching: One-on-one coaching to help prepare for a presentation or critique a presentation and give constructive feedback.
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