Training your sales staff to be a cohesive and effective team is only part of your job as a business leader. The other part of a comprehensive sales strategy involves understanding your customers. No matter how strong your sales team is, your business won’t be able to succeed without the trust of your customers. There’s no one-size-fits-all customer profile; every person who interacts with your company is a little bit different and requires personalized attention. With Everything DiSC® Sales your salespeople will be able to determine the profile of every customer they deal with, through an online tool called “Customer Mapping,” which can be accessed repeatedly, free of charge.

Know Your Customers’ Buying Styles

Customer Mapping takes the personality profile of a sales person (from Everything DiSC® Sales) and maps it with the personality profile of any customer, to produce a one page synopsis of how to manage a sales call with that customer. Each Buying Style represents a different way that customers need to be approached. At ACT One International, we recognize that not everyone fits neatly into a generalizable category.  Customer Mapping helps determine how a certain customer will approach the buying process, given their personality and the way they like to communicate. Rather than hard-and-fast definitions, these Buying Styles should be thought of as templates to begin to understand your customers. Armed with this knowledge, your sales team will have an easier time relating to their customers and building the customer trust and loyalty that is essential to the success of any business.

The Benefits of Understanding Your Customers

Understanding your customers is the key to realizing the goals of your company.  Learning about the motivations and priorities of your customers helps to build empathy. This empathy allows your sales team to provide the personalized service that leads to earning loyal customers by being trusted advisors. Rather than creating an adversarial or confrontational relationship with customers, Everything DiSC® Sales helps your sales team find common ground to establish long-lasting connections. This unique and innovative approach to sales training is a great way to increase your profitability as well as your customer service standards.

Without an expanding client base, a company has no room to grow. Many companies have a uniform and depersonalized approach to treating their customers that leads to dissatisfaction. Everything DiSC® Sales prevents this kind of stagnant customer service by providing your sales team with skills and strategies for personalizing their customer care. For more information about Everything DiSC® Sales and our other effective training programs, contact us at ACT One International.

Written by Rochelle Rae