Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery is a dynamic, engaging workshop that leverages time-tested principles of selling. Sales Mastery is designed to improve sales productivity and results by helping sales people sell in a professional, consultative, and engaging way. The following topics are explored in-depth:

  • Building long-term relationships
  • Self-belief and positive mental attitude
  • Managing priorities
  • Networking and planning effective sales contacts
  • Asking smart questions and listening for understanding
  • Developing a compelling message that relates product and solution benefits to customer needs
  • Handling objections and customer resistance
  • Gaining commitment and completing the sale (9 closing techniques)
  • Earning referrals
  • Preparing for competition
  • Developing a call/voicemail script to aid in “getting the appointment”
  • Qualifying leads to identify the best opportunities to pursue
  • Analyzing RFP’s to determine whether to work on it, or pass
  • Developing what specific questions to ask depending on the type of buyer (Financial, Specification, Supervision, or User) and how to ask them, depending on their personality style
  • Developing a personal Sales Playbook
  • Applying a simple, yet powerful “sales” model to any situation for the buyer
  • Recognizing other’s behavioral styles through “customer mapping” and adapting for enhanced communication
  • Assisting clients in identifying and prioritizing their needs, and creating business solutions for them
  • Increasing sales and profits
  • Building more focused and creative sales teams
  • Applying to all products and services to provide transferable skills
In addition to the DiSC Sales profile that is reviewed in-depth during the course, each participant will be given access to our on-line “Customer Mapping” tool, as often as desired (free of charge), to aid in upcoming sales calls.

Virtual coaching (one-on-one or in small groups) to help with certain areas of the sales process that will help close more sales.

DURATION: 2 or 3 days (depending on client customization)
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