Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery is a dynamic, engaging workshop that leverages time-tested principles of selling. Sales Mastery is designed to improve sales productivity and results by helping sales people sell in a professional, consultative, and engaging way. The following topics are explored in-depth:

  • Building long-term relationships
  • Self-belief and positive mental attitude
  • Managing priorities
  • Networking and planning effective sales contacts
  • Asking smart questions and listening for understanding
  • Developing a compelling message that relates product and solution benefits to customer needs
  • Handling objections and customer resistance
  • Gaining commitment and completing the sale (9 closing techniques)
  • Earning referrals
  • Preparing for competition
  • Developing a call/voicemail script to aid in “getting the appointment”
  • Qualifying leads to identify the best opportunities to pursue
  • Analyzing RFP’s to determine whether to work on it, or pass
  • Developing what specific questions to ask depending on the type of buyer (Financial, Specification, Supervision, or User) and how to ask them, depending on their personality style
  • Developing a personal Sales Playbook
  • Applying a simple, yet powerful “sales” model to any situation for the buyer
  • Recognizing other’s behavioral styles through “customer mapping” and adapting for enhanced communication
  • Assisting clients in identifying and prioritizing their needs, and creating business solutions for them
  • Increasing sales and profits
  • Building more focused and creative sales teams
  • Applying to all products and services to provide transferable skills
In addition to the DiSC Sales profile that is reviewed in-depth during the course, each participant will be given access to our on-line “Customer Mapping” tool, as often as desired (free of charge), to aid in upcoming sales calls.

Virtual coaching (one-on-one or in small groups) to help with certain areas of the sales process that will help close more sales.

  • Interactive learning game at the end of the workshop
  • Workshop evaluation
  • Graded assignment based on application of the new skills within two weeks of the end of the program
Pricing and Scheduling

Pricing for our 3-day (21 hour) training courses for a minimum of 10 participants is $1,800 per participant, NOT including comprehensive learning materials (which includes assessments, textbooks and reading material).

Comprehensive materials are additional, and pricing is at $450 per participant.

As an example, for 10 participants, the total price would be $1,800 plus $450 = $2,250 per participant, or $22,500 for the group of 10.  These prices are a maximum.


Group Session Pricing for Corporate Programs

For groups of more than 10 participants (or less than 10), pricing is at $5,500 per day ($16,500 for three days or 21 hours), plus $450 per participant for comprehensive materials.  As an example, for 20 participants, the total price would be $16,500 for the three days, plus $450 x 20 = $9000 for the materials, giving a total of $25,500 for the group of 20.

For multiple groups from the same organization (keep in mind that a separate application is necessary for each group if applying for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant), there are discounts available of up to 25%.  Please contact us for details.


Each full day of training is a minimum of 7.0 hours.

A certificate of completion will be provided to each participant, upon successful completion of a course.

Other costs may include: venue for a training room, audio-visual equipment, flipchart and facilitator travel costs where applicable. Mileage (if personal vehicle is used) is charged at $.75/km, and a per diem is at $75.00. All other expenses are billed at cost. All costs shown here are exclusive of GST and are in Canadian dollars.



Workshops can be scheduled on dates that work for you and your people.  Many of our workshops can be customized to meet your needs, so please contact us for available dates and associated pricing.

DURATION: 3 days (21 hours)
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