Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders is a dynamic, engaging workshop that provides the fundamentals of a time-tested, behavioural model of how to best influence people’s performance. This workshop finds the best leadership qualities in your team and provides methods to encourage those qualities. “Building Leaders” is an extremely flexible facilitated developmental experience.

An Overview of the Program

Situational Leadership® is the most widely used leadership system used in the world and has been for over half a century. The workshop is based on our client feedback and research, and offers a simple but powerful model of how to assess a person’s readiness to perform a task, and then adapt the leadership style, to achieve top results.

At ACT One International, we combine this model with Everything DiSC® Management, which helps leaders adapt their communication based on personality styles. The Situational Leadership model helps leaders determine what needs to be communicated to an individual or team, and DiSC helps determine how to best communicate it. The program is super effective and can last anywhere from 1½ to 3 days.


What You’ll Get Out of It

  • Focused methodology to ensure goal and task alignment
  • Diagnostic skills to determine the skill and motivation levels of employees
  • Ability to consciously select a leadership style appropriate for a situation
  • Communication skills and a common language to effectively influence employee behavior
  • A process to effectively cover tough performance issues in an unemotional way
  • Accelerated development and retention of talent
  • Increased respect for and honoring of differences

Extended Outcomes:

  • Accelerates leadership development
  • Enables and formalizes the influence skills leading up, down and across the organization
  • Provides a framework to integrate other leadership skills
  • Accelerates the growth of people and teams
  • Focuses on performance while considering attitude
  • Applies to a variety of settings – work, home and social
  • Optimizes performance while maintaining positive work environment – maintains balance

Bring out the best leadership qualities in your employees with the Situational Leadership® program. Contact ACT One International today for more information on what you can do to make your team the best it can be.

Written by Rochelle Rae