Strategic thinking is what an organization does in becoming smarter, targeted, and nimble enough to prosper in an era of constant change. To think strategically, an organization must have both focus and flexibility.

Focus involves figuring out what your organization does best. It means identifying your customers’ changing needs and developing the key skills – often called core competencies – critical to acquiring and keeping your revenue decision makers (your customers).

Flexibility allows your organization to respond to change – to seize upon innovation and unexpected opportunity or to react effectively when the status quo is challenged or changed. It means creating a corporate culture in which everyone is constantly looking for ways to do things better.

Without strategic thinking, strategic planning is useless, and typically results in an operational plan that is based on what is happening today. Most companies focus on “what” and “how,” and fail to start with “why.” We will help you start with “why” working on Vision, Alignment and Execution.

Our Strategic Thinking process will challenge your leadership team to look at the following:

  • How to get out of your “planning” comfort zone. If it feels comfortable, it is not strategic.
  • How to not conform to “cost-based” thinking.
  • Focus on where to play, and how to win.
  • How to identify and test your assumptions.
  • How to keep it simple.