With the holidays coming up, now is the time for business leaders to start thinking about improving employee motivation and company morale. You may find morale to be a little bit low around the office in the New Year. Returning to work after a relaxing holiday can be difficult for employees, and it’s important for leaders to be aware of that. Here are just a few strategies to keep your employees motivated and engaged after the holiday season.

Provide Feedback and Personalized Encouragement

One of the best ways to keep your employees motivated and engaged after the holidays is to provide feedback and personalized encouragement. Instead of waiting for periodic reviews, schedule short and informal one-on-one meetings with your employees to check in with them, listen to any concerns they may have and provide any feedback you have for them. This can help foster open communication in the workplace which is great for improving morale and productivity.

Offer Training to Improve Skills

Employees are often motivated by the fact that you care about their personal development.  By investing in them, you are also investing in the company, so it is a win:win.  It can be a focused approach that looks at the needs of each individual and team to figure out what will have the biggest impact for the company, as well as for the individual.

Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

Keeping a group of employees motivated and engaged after the holidays requires a flexible and personalized approached to leadership. Once you’re comfortable and confident with your leadership style, it will be easy for you to develop strategies for employee success that best suit your workplace.

At ACT One International, we have a number of workplace skill development programs available that can help you fulfill commitments to your employees, as well as sharpen your leadership skills.  Our Everything DiSC workshops can help you to determine your unique leadership style and how to best apply that style in the workplace. For more information on the innovative and engaging workshops available from ACT One International, contact us today.