The only constant in business is change. Each new year brings new technologies, strategies, and demands; strategies that were lucrative one day may be outdated the next. That’s why our government created the Canada Job Grant program, an initiative which includes corresponding provincial programs.

This program aims to educate Canadian workers, increasing our economic competitiveness and maintaining employment throughout the provinces. ACT One specializes in helping businesses across Alberta and the rest of Canada train their employees, building highly educated, skilled, and productive workforces. In conjunction with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, we are here to help deliver customized training solutions to support healthy organizations and healthy profits.

What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant?

The provincial government of Alberta and the federal government of Canada realize that the global economy has changed, and that many Canadian workers are highly skilled, but not necessarily in areas where there is still high demand. The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is an initiative that encourages Canadian companies to train their own employees to meet the demands of the globalized economy. With it, companies who choose to train employees in-house can receive compensation for two-thirds of the total cost.

What are the benefits?

Aside from the direct cost benefits of the program, Canadian businesses – and the nation as a whole – also benefit from this initiative in a number of ways. By training employees in Canada, the program:

  • Fosters economic stability
  • Increases the education level of workforces
  • Keeps Canada competitive on the world market
  • Makes businesses more productive

By offsetting the costs, the program also encourages businesses to keep Canadians employed – and that is always a good thing.

How can ACT One help?

ACT One International understands the difference between merely training and truly educating. We specialize in providing ongoing training programs to help employees not only retain information, but also to help them implement it properly. The end result is a workforce that is well educated, highly-skilled, and ultimately more productive. Since we are flexible, experienced, and willing to travel anywhere in Canada, we are a perfect fit for companies who use the Canada Job Grant program, whether here in Alberta or anywhere else across the country.

The Canada Job Grant program is about training our workers to meet the demands of a new economy, and ultimately to keep people employed here in Canada. If your company is looking to take advantage of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Program (or the corresponding program in any other province), ACT One International is here to help you get the most out of this initiative.

Written By Rochelle Rae