Growth Curve Specialists know that every business in its lifetime must successfully pass through seven different periods or stages in order to maintain their growth into the future. Each stage of growth for any business is determined by how complex the composition of the company is – the more people employed at a company, the more complex that company’s path to growth will be.

Furthermore, each person employed at your company is their own unique adaptive system, which only adds to the complexity of your organization. Like a person, your company is also a complex adaptive system, struggling within a complicated industry, in an environment that it constantly changing.

If you do not know the natural progression of growth for your business, then it is very likely your business will struggle or not outlast its competitors.  It is important you know what stages your business has already passed, where it has yet to go, and where it is now.

Do you know what stage of growth your company is in?

There are seven stages of business growth.  Research shows that this is directly measurable by looking at how many employees you have.  As your number of employees get higher, your responsibilities and challenges can get exponentially bigger.  As you move from one stage to the next, you will experience one of the following conditions:

  • Flood Zone, which represents a time of chaos that comes with growth and change;
  • Wind Tunnel, a chaos zone that requires you to let go of methodologies that no longer work and adapt new ones that do.

These periods, while challenging, are simply signs that your business is growing.  If it was all easy, it would not be worth it. Your Growth Specialist will help you to break down what is happening to your business while it grows, so that making your business the best it can be doesn’t feel like an uphill battle fraught with unknowns.

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Written by Rochelle Rae