Thinking Strategically

Strategic thinking is what an organization does in becoming smarter, targeted, and nimble enough to prosper in an era of constant change. To think strategically, an organization must have both focus and flexibility.

Focus involves figuring out what your organization does best. It means identifying your customers’ changing needs and developing the key skills – often called core competencies – critical to acquiring and keeping your revenue decision makers (your customers).

Flexibility allows your organization to respond to change – to seize upon innovation and unexpected opportunity or to react effectively when the status quo is challenged or changed. It means creating a corporate culture in which everyone is constantly looking for ways to do things better.

Without strategic thinking, strategic planning is useless, and typically results in an operational plan that is based on what is happening today. Most companies focus on “what” and “how,” and fail to start with “why.” We will help you start with “why” working on Vision, Alignment and Execution.

Our Strategic Thinking process will challenge your leadership team to look at the following:


The following modules will be covered:


Module 1 – How to Think Strategically (4 hours)

  • How to get out of your “planning” comfort zone. If it feels comfortable, it is not strategic.
  • How to not conform to “cost-based” thinking.
  • Focus on where to play, and how to win.
  • How to identify and test your assumptions.
  • How to keep it simple.

Module 2 – Vision, Alignment & Execution (4 hours)

Note:  This module utilizes the on-line assessment Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

  • Vision, Alignment & Execution – the model
  • 18 best practices to support VAE
  • Planning & goal setting
  • Understanding compensation and motivation

Module 3 – Addressing the Gaps (6 hours)

  • How to look into the future for the company
  • What is the current state?
  • SWOT analysis
  • PEST Analysis
  • The change curve
  • Competencies required to move toward the vision
  • Choices model and the burning platform
  • The six basic questions
  • Discomfort to motivation
  • Self-reframing
  • Force field analysis
  • Changes you survived – Activity
  • Experiencing integration after the change
  • Change analogy – the flying trapeze

Module 4 – Managing Change (7 hours)

  • The 5 key principles of change
  • Readiness for change – self assessment questionnaire
  • The change curve
  • Choices model and the burning platform
  • The six basic questions
  • Discomfort to motivation
  • Self-reframing
  • Force field analysis
  • Changes you survived – Activity
  • Experiencing integration after the change
  • Change analogy – the flying trapeze
  • Create a Vision for the company that has alignment with all stakeholders
  • Create a plan for execution that will ensure accountability
  • Create alignment so that any change initiative is successful, and the company improves results
  • A positive workplace with loyal employees who think “this is a great place to work”
  • Reduced costs and increased profits because employees will collaborate for the best processes and outcomes
  • Less stress among all employees, and reduced employee turnover
  • Demonstrate ability to think “strategically” vs. “operationally”
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for development within the 18 best practices of the Vision, Alignment, Execution model
  • Recognize where employees are at to embrace change
  • Follow a change model for execution of corporate strategy
  • Each participant will be given free access to our on-line system called MyEverythingDiSC, which will assist in deeper understanding of self and the priorities of others
  • Within MyEverythingDiSC, participants will have ongoing access to the “Comparison Reports” to use as often as desired (free of charge), to aid in building effective relationships
  • Virtual coaching (one-on-one or in small groups) will be available to help with certain areas of leadership to allow leaders to build highly effective teams
  • A cohort survey can be implemented to assess perceived implementation
  • Workshop evaluation
  • Stakeholder debrief three months after the training to assess strategic outcomes achieved and steps to keep the training alive
  • Ongoing support to assess progress on strategies
All costs shown here are exclusive of applicable taxes and are in Canadian dollars.

Pricing for our 3-day* (21 hour) training programs

$2,450.00 per person + applicable taxes. ($2,000.00 instructional fees + $450.00 learning materials** per person).

Pricing for our 3-day* (21 hour) training programs for 10 or more participants

3-day* (21 hour) Instructor Fees $18,000.00
Learning materials** per person $450.00

**Note: Learning materials include assessment(s), classroom learning materials, and reading materials.



For organizations registering multiple groups, discounts are available. Please contact us TODAY! (403) 542-7056 for details.

REMINDER – Organizations wanting to use the Canada-Alberta Job Grant AND are registering multiple groups must make a separate Canada-Alberta Job application for each group registered.



Other costs may include training venue, food & beverage service (if desired), training room equipment/resources***, and facilitator travel costs**** where applicable.

***Note: Training room equipment resources required include HDMI compatible projector and speakers or sound system, a projector screen or alternatively an HDMI compatible TV with sound, WiFi, Technical support for the training room equipment/resources, a table or cart for the projector, if required, a table for the presenter, a table for handouts, an extension cord, a power source, flip chart and markers.

****Note: Travel costs may include:

Mileage – if Instructor’s personal vehicle is used and training is outside of Calgary $0.75/km
Per Diem – including travel days $75.00
Return airfare from Calgary – if applicable At cost
Calgary airport parking At cost
Transportation to and from accommodations AND training venue At cost
Car Rental and Associated Costs – if applicable At cost
Hotel accommodations At cost



Many of our training programs can be customized to meet your specific business needs, and we schedule training dates* and times that work for you and your people. Call us TODAY! (403)542-7056 to discuss available dates and associated pricing.

*Note: Training programs can be scheduled on timeframes that work for you and your people. Please contact us to discuss your scheduling needs TODAY! (403) 542-7056

3 DAYS (21 HOURS) Note: Each day of training is a minimum of 7 hours
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