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Committed to helping business leaders succeed, ACT One’s real-time experience and research into the challenges facing enterprises today, allows us to tap into the realities of leadership and management – the two hardest aspects of running any business.

What if, as an executive leader, you could accurately predict the barriers that will hinder your company’s growth? As certified business growth specialists, ACT One can help you critically analyze your company, based on unique input from the senior leadership team. You will then be guided to pinpoint the key initiatives that will help you manage the chaos. And be highly profitable.

Imagine being able to reduce the ’employee anxiety’ and create ‘dialogues’ around key indicators that encourage the employee to succeed and address the goals of the company.

ACT One is adept at helping business leaders understand how employees see the company ­ and then align this ’employee’ view with that of the business leaders. By using powerful tools that get employees thinking like ‘owners’ you can change the course of profitability for your company in months, not years.

In laser-like fashion, ACT One will help you align your issues with a well-grounded growth model, the 7 Stages of Growth. This includes setting up a solid financial base, focusing on core competencies, engaging staff and creating key indicators that measure success based on a specific Stage of GrowthTM. ACT One has a number of consulting services to assist you with specific needs that may emerge.

Once you have the leadership team aligned with your critical growth initiatives, it will be important to pay attention to the needs of all employees. Often this requires professional development in the form of a training curriculum, supported by assessments to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Whether your company does the training using internal trainers, or ACT One facilitators conduct the training for you, we will help you pinpoint the best use of resources to help meet your challenges for growth.


Murray JanewskiMurray Janewski, BComm, MBA

Murray is a partner in ACT One International Corp. which he founded in 2002, and is a Certified Growth Curve Specialist. With over 18 years of training, consulting and executive coaching experience, Murray has worked with hundreds of organizations across North America to increase productivity. Prior to the consulting and training business, he had a long and varied career in the oil and gas business with Amoco Canada.

His primary focus today is with helping leaders meet their challenges head-on, to grow their companies. From strategy to leadership competency to sales development, Murray has a keen insight to helping others.

Murray is a strong visionary and strategic thinker, a proven leader in business and the community, and a seasoned facilitator, speaker and author. His first book “Leadership Eh? How to Lead, Laugh & Win in the Game of Business & Life” has just been published in 2009. He has also been featured on CBC Radio, in the Calgary Herald, and has been published for articles on strategic alliances, sales leadership, and managing change.

Murray resides in Calgary, Alberta, and has three grown children. Murray’s personal passions are golfing, curling, music and writing.



Rochelle Rae

Rochelle Rae, Partner 

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Rochelle joined ACT One International in September 2014, and is passionate about working with organizations right across North America, to change behaviors to improve improve results.

Rochelle can help you conduct a needs analysis to properly diagnose the best training and development solution to most effectively address the performance issue or opportunity. She can deliver any of our training and development programs or design a customized training program that would best suit your organizations audience and defined training goal(s). Metrics will be put in place to ensure the maximize the return on investment.

Rochelle brings to ACT One International, and her clients, experience from thirteen years as a  Financial Consultant, seven years as a Business Owner/Operator, and three years as a Performance and Learning Specialist. She believes that if we change our own behaviors to facilitate better outcomes at work and at home, then everything around us will also change, and that is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world.

Rochelle is a Mother to two children; Leshem (20 yrs) and Hugh (14 yrs).  She enjoys spending time with friends and loved ones, listening to music, and being in nature.





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